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Spencer Allen


Spencer Allen is a lay apologist and Catholic educator in the Jefferson City Diocese. He started and served as president of the non-profit Apologetics from Scratch, formed to spread the Good News in the Mid-Missouri area. Through the AFS apostolate and his individual efforts, he has authored a regular column in the diocesan newspaper, provided the apologetics segment for the television show Our Catholic Life and organized two conferences in the mid-Missouri area, featuring speakers such as Tim Staples and John Martignoni. In the Spring of 2012 he engaged in a public debate with a Church of Christ preacher, discussing the role of Scripture as an authority in the spiritual life of a Christian.

More recently, Spencer authored the book Mackerel Snappers: How to Explain and Defend Even the Most Difficult Teachings of the Catholic Church, which has the imprimatur of Bishop John R. Gaydos of Jefferson City. From the existence of God to specific teachings of the Catholic Catholics, Mackerel Snappers explains and defends God’s one, true Church, including many sensitive moral issues. Through his book, Spencer uses personal anecdotes, as well as solid scriptural and logical reasoning, to help readers learn the foundational tools and resources for answering questions and objections and for spreading the Good News.

Spencer is currently principal of St. Joseph Cathedral School, which is in Jefferson City, where he lives with his wife and five children.

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