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Michael John Poirier


For years, Michael John Poirier has wrapped his prayers in songs, presenting them as gifts to listeners and to God. He began singing publicly at age 14 when he joined a folk group at his church. By the age of 21, music became his full-time profession. For the next seven years, Michael struggled to know what God was calling him to do with his life. He lived the life of a troubadour, giving away most of his belongings and traveling with a backpack and guitar. He played in bars and restaurants for five years until he could no longer ignore an inner call to return to prayer. He put those prayers to music and soon recorded his first album titled, “Hello Lord”. 

Michael’s music speaks of forgiveness, peace, and love. In 1993, he began offering candlelight prayer concerts at parishes nationwide–evenings of healing through music and storytelling. Michael uses his artistic talents to create atmospheres where people can easily picture God telling them how much they are cherished. 

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