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Jenn Giroux


Jenn Giroux has been a Registered Nurse for 29 years, where she has witnessed first-hand the physical, emotional, and spiritual fallout of the women’s movement, especially as it relates to contraception and abortion. In response to this, she has answered God’s call to be a public witness to the physical and spiritual truths on these subjects. Jenn has worked in the pro-life movement at a national level for 30 years.  She worked in Kansas with Former Attorney General Phill Kline in the only criminal case against Planned Parenthood. She was the CEO of One More Soul and also previously worked with Human Life International as the founder and Executive Director of HLI America. Jenn recently founded an educational outreach called “Speaking of Motherhood” and to this end is a national speaker at conferences, colleges, and high schools. She presents a counter-cultural message, which sheds light on both the medical harms of contraception and its abortifacient and cancer-causing side effects as well as the lost concept and beauty of being open to accepting God’s gift of (many) children. Jenn is a former radio talk show host on Salem Radio network and can be heard as a frequent guest on Catholic Radio and other media outlets. She is a writer and regular contributor for Catholic News Agency,, and Catholic Exchange. Jenn considers her greatest gift and accomplishment to be that of her motherhood. She and her husband, Dan, have 9 children and live in Cincinnati.

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