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Fr. Martino Nguyen


Rising from humble beginnings as a refugee from Vietnam, Father Martino Nguyen Ba-Thong became one of the youngest and most reputable Catholic priests among the Vietnamese enclaves in the United States. Long before receiving his Master in Divinity at Mount Saint Mary University and Seminary and his ordination in 2004, he has worked with homeless children on the streets of several metropolitan cities in the States and in twenty-one other countries around the world. His passion and perseverance to inculcate hope in the hopeless led Father Martino to establish One Body Village (OBV) ( in 2008 to serve as the champion for Vietnamese children who are trafficked and enslaved as sex workers in brothels around Southeast Asia.  He has personally rescued children from brothels and is one of the few pioneers to bring international awareness to this social issue.  He has published numerous articles, presented at multiple national conventions, and appeared on various TV and radio shows, and aspires to strengthen the Catholic’s faith among the faithful in an endless pursuit to bring people closer to God.

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