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Eric Wardrum

Eric Wardrum grew up in a Catholic home, but stopped going to church as a teenager and pursued worldly interests. It wasn’t long before these “interests” got him into trouble with the law—including involvement in a murder. Wardrum pleaded guilty to his crime and served 18 years in prison, for which he thanks God:  “It was there that I was able to receive God’s mercy and forgiveness. I was ministered to by very good people.”  After talking with a Catholic chaplain, he learned that he could still ride his bike and joined the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA), and also worked in the prison chapel as the choir director. After a life-changing confession and his release from prison, Wardrum and his wife decided to begin the Catholic Cross Bearers Motorcycle Ministry, in order to “provide a Catholic evangelistic presence in the motorcycling world and to all those who are in the streets or imprisoned; and to provide a riding group for Catholic Christian men and women for fellowship and ministry.”

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