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Christina King


Christina King is a chastity/abstinence speaker from Wrightstown, Wisconsin. She is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a degree in Psychology and Counseling with graduate studies in Family Counseling (special emphasis on Behavioral Modification in children).

Christina is also a certified public speaker specializing in abstinence education. Her first audio tape entitled “Pure Freedom” is an inspiring testimony directed specifically to teens on chastity. Her second tape entitled “The Pure Freedom Message” expounds on the virtue of Chastity and God’s perfect plan for our lives. Christina uses actual experiences and consequences to stress to teens the importance of purity in today’s society, as well as exposes the destructive forces at work in our society such as media, Hollywood, music and advertisments that use sex to sell.

Christina King’s original life-changing message, Pure Freedom, has helped thousands of teens take control of their lives — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You can schedule Christina King and her life-transforming message at your next gathering. Her presentations help teens become happier and healthier. They learn to see the beauty in relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ so that they can reach a greater level of fulfillment and satisfaction without sex. Chastity and Christ’s love for our teens is the message!

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