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Chris Benguhe


Former People Magazine writer and tabloid editor, Chris Benguhe interviewed everyone from the famous to the felonious.  From the OJ Simpson case to chasing Jon Benet’s Killer and the heartbreaking tales of Princess Diana’s accidental death and the Columbine massacre, he told the world’s most provocative stories, but he gave up the world of glitz and glamour to make a difference with his words.

“I was up to my scruples in the glitz, grime, glamour, and greed of Hollywood,” reveals Benguhe.  “That’s when my faith really saved my life and made me realize how Hollywood and the mainstream press were killing our souls and our psyches with their sensational obsession with tragedy and mayhem.” 

Now he chronicles real extraordinary stories of everyday courageous and dynamic individuals whose lives were transformed by tough times and tells their stories of triumph over tragedy and the lessons they learned in his series of internationally published books, columns, and lectures.

His first book Triumphs of the Heart was introduced by President G.W. Bush. He went onto to write Triumphs of the Heart II and Beyond Courage – The Nine Principles of Heroism.  His upcoming Beyond Tragedy (May 2008 from Paulist Press) examines the positive potential of life’s common catastrophes and the value of suffering through some of America’s greatest survivors. His books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. 

Through his Catholic column, A Better View, which runs in Arizona’s Catholic Sun, the official publication of the Phoenix Roman Catholic Diocese, Benguhe inspires 200,000 readers with a positive, hopeful, and faithful perspective on tragedy and tribulation.  He writes a similar column for Messenger of Saint Anthony based in Padova, Italy, which is distributed to millions of Catholics across the globe. He is also a TV writer, editor, and speaker.

His heartwarming and eloquent yet easy to understand perspective on enduring and overcoming life’s many challenges and hardships reaches into every aspect of your day to day routine.  

From ideas for a happier family life to strategies for a more rewarding career, he will fill your heart and mind with a new outlook on the opportunities that obstacles present to deepen your faith and desire to love and respect God and each other.  His passion and honesty will compel your audience to embrace the power of love and the unlimited joy and success it makes possible.

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