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Angela Santero


Angela Santero was born in Rockville, MD where she began public speaking in high school. Her passion for promoting pure love began there, where she witnessed the chaos resulting from poor decisions. She was later recruited to play basketball at the Naval Academy, where she completed her education and was commissioned as a Naval Officer. After completing her service, she became a missionary, taught religion and discerned her life’s vocation.

In 2003, Angela founded The Goretti Group (, a ministry inspired to help counteract the false images of love that our culture so often promotes and share the joy that comes from the virtue of chastity. Named after Saint Maria Goretti, a martyr for purity, The Goretti Group teaches that it is by living out the virtue of chastity that we experience true freedom and real love.

Angela was trained by The Challenge Task Force on Chastity and has spoken to over 20,000 people in numerous cities across the country. She is certified in Abstinence Education and as a Young Adult Minister in San Diego, where she recently served on the Bishop’s Pastoral Council.

Angela speaks to teens, young adults, parents and women’s groups on a variety of topics including chastity, modesty, vocational discernment and the Theology of the Body.

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