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The Original “Bible Christians”

Catholicism’s long and close connection with the written word of God

New Release from Catholic Answers Press—The Bible Is a Catholic Book

SAN DIEGO: A new book from Catholic Answers Press explores the intimate relationship between Catholicism and Sacred Scripture. In The Bible Is a Catholic Book, veteran apologist Jimmy Akin shows that for close to two millennia it has been impossible to speak of the Church without the Bible or the Bible without the Church.

Catholic Christianity vs. Bible Christianity

“Too often, Catholics wrongly assume that Scripture is less important for us because we also have popes, councils, and traditions,” says Todd Aglialoro, director of publishing at Catholic Answers. “But that false contrast between Catholic Christianity and “Bible Christianity” robs Catholics of the riches that Scripture should bring to our faith life.”

It also ignores the intimate bond between God’s holy Church and his holy book, a bond that has existed since the earliest centuries of Christianity. As Akin explains with his signature reader-friendly clarity, the Catholic Church wrote the Bible:

  • determined which books were inspired from among scores of pretenders
  • preserved and propagated its contents in all times and places
  • guarded its authentic interpretations and, to this day,
  • keeps it close to the heart of its theology and worship

Deepen your love of Scripture

Neither a typical “Bible proofs for Catholic doctrine” book nor a dry academic tome, The Bible Is a Catholic Book speaks to average Catholics who need to deepen their love for Scripture—and renew their pride and trust in their profoundly scriptural Church.

About the Author

Jimmy Akin is the senior apologist at Catholic Answers and brings more than twenty years’ experience defending and explaining the Faith. He is an internationally known author and speaker. A convert to Catholicism, Jimmy has an extensive background in philosophy, theology, Scripture, the Church Fathers, and canon law. He authored many books on Catholic apologetics and evangelization. Jimmy appears weekly as a guest on the national radio program Catholic Answers Live. In addition, he regularly contributes to Catholic Answers Magazine and, he is a popular blogger and podcaster.

Buy the book today – The Bible is a Catholic Book


Link to buy The Bible is a Catholic Book

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