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New Apologist Joins Catholic Answers

Popular theologian from “Shameless Popery” blog signs on with leading Catholic apostolate

Catholic Answers is celebrating the latest addition to its roster of “the next generation of apologists.”

The apostolate announced the hiring of Joe Heschmeyer, author of Pope Peter (Catholic Answers Press) and proprietor of the blog “Shameless Popery.” Heschmeyer joins staff apologists Jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, Trent Horn, and Karlo Broussard, devoting himself full-time to explaining and defending the Catholic faith.

Once a litigator in Washington, D.C., Heschmeyer left his law career to pursue the priesthood. After five years of training, he discerned out of the seminary, settling in Kansas City to provide faith formation to local parishes. He brings many years of apologetics experience to Catholic Answers, having promoted the Faith in many blog posts, articles, and books along with professional talks and presentations.

Apologetics is “something that I feel personally convicted to do,” Heschmeyer says, “both because I’ve benefited from it personally and because I’ve seen its power in the lives of those around me.” He adds that he has been a fan of Catholic Answers for some time, and is excited that he can “now claim as coworkers some of the people I’ve really enjoyed reading and listening to.”

heschmeyer apologist

Joe Heschmeyer.

Catholic Answers is no less excited to bring on someone of Heschmeyer’s caliber. “A good apologist makes you want to sit down and talk doctrine,” says Christopher Check, president of Catholic Answers. “That’s Joe.” Moreover, he continues, Heschmeyer “has the heart and mind of the Church. He has no interest in saying, ‘Look at me.’ He instead says, Look at this man, Jesus Christ. He’s the one you have been seeking. Here’s why.”

In addition to “Shameless Popery” and his books, you can find Heschmeyer’s writings on Catholic.com and also listen to him as a regular guest on Catholic Answers Live.

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