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Catholic Answers Press Announces New '20 Answers' Series

SAN DIEGO—Catholic Answers Press is pleased to announce the publication of the first five volumes of its 20 Answers booklet series. This new series tackles the important topics in the Church and the world, offering solid and concise answers in an attractive, readable, and durable package.

The first series, authored by Catholic Answers staff apologists as well as outside experts, includes the following titles: Abortion, Atheism, End of Life Issues, Faith & Science, and The Real Jesus. Ten more titles are in the works, scheduled for publication in 2015, on such subjects as the papacy, Mormonism, salvation, and Islam.

Todd Aglialoro, editor for Catholic Answers Press, is excited about the 20 Answers series’ potential for helping busy Catholics and non-Catholics alike understand the Church’s doctrinal and moral teachings, as well as history, culture-war issues, and all that accompanies the growing societal divide between religious believers and secularists.

“Many people don’t have time to read 500-page apologetics works,” said Aglialoro, “but they know they need reliable information about the Faith, for their own understanding and to share with their family and friends. The 20 Answers series gives them that trustworthy information—fast.”

Each 20 Answers volume is a 72-page, perfect-bound booklet in a compact trim size ideal for pockets, purses, and parish literature racks. They’re available individually, in sample packs, and for discount bulk purchase. To learn more, visit the Catholic Answers Shop.

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