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Conference to Train Catholics in Defense of Marriage

SAN DIEGO (July 14, 2014) — Catholic apologist Trent Horn said recent cultural and legislative efforts to redefine marriage mean that Catholics must improve their ability to defend this “sacred institution.” Horn said he will explain how at the Catholic Answers “Defending the Faith Today” conference, September 4-6 in San Diego.

 “Too many Catholics can’t articulate why the State should not redefine marriage,” Horn said. “And since the popular culture has forsaken Christianity, we need to get better at giving nonreligious reasons why marriage is the union of one man and one woman. There are plenty of them.”

 Horn believes Catholics must be able to charitably help others understand that the Church’s teaching on marriage is reasonable and compassionate. 

 Horn said he will show his audience how to avoid the common mistakes Catholics make when discussing this topic. “This, plus an understanding of how those who want to redefine marriage frame their arguments, will equip anyone to have a conversation about marriage anywhere, anytime.

 “Anyone who has seen Congresswoman (Nancy) Pelosi’s treatment of (San Francisco) Archbishop (Salvatore) Cordileone knows how out of control the marriage crisis is,” he said. “It’s critical that Catholics get engaged in this debate now.”

 Pelosi, a professed Catholic, recently scolded Cordileone for planning to attend a National Organization for Marriage rally in Washington, D.C., because the participants “show disdain and hate towards LGBT persons.”

 Horn is part of a first-rate lineup of conference speakers that includes Jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, and Catholic Answers President Karl Keating. Their presentations are designed to help Catholics better understand the political and cultural assaults the Church faces and to show them how to respond with courage and joy.

Special guest Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon, will join Catholic Answers Live host Patrick Coffin for a broadcast of the radio show from the conference. The archbishop will also offer Mass and deliver the keynote address at the closing banquet Saturday evening.

The conference will be held at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina, and registrations close on August 15. For more information, and to take advantage of special registration discounts, visit



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