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Catholic Answers’ Efforts Recognized

Jimmy Akin

Recently it was announced that the U.S. Supreme Court would be hearing two cases on same-sex “marriage”—one involving California’s pro-marriage initiative Prop 8 and the other involving the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

When we learned of this, Catholic Answers began preparations for filing what’s known as an amicus curiae (Latin, “friend of the court”) brief with the Supreme Court to help bolster the case for marriage.

Catholic Answers was one of a number of pro-marriage groups doing this, who worked together to cover the issue from multiple angles and provide the Supreme Court with the best collection of arguments in favor of marriage possible.

Recently, we received a thank-you note for our efforts.

It came from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a major pro-family organization involved in the fight, and it reads:

Dear Mr. Keating:

Thank you for the role you recently played in defending marriage before the U.S. Supreme Court. The outpouring of amicus support displayed in January was signfiicant and helped make the full and complete case for the constitutionality of marriage. If the Supreme Court upholds Proposition 8 and/or DOMA, know that you played a significant part to that end. God bless you.


David Austin R. Nimocks
Senior Counsel
Interim Vice President Center for Marriage and Family

To learn more about this crucial issue and how you can defend marriage, you should click here to receive a FREE booklet.

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