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Veit Arnpeck

Bavarian historian (1440-1505)

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Arnpeck, VEIT, a Bavarian historian, b. at Landshut in 1440; d. at the same place about the year 1505. He was educated at Amberg and at Vienna, was parish priest of St. Martin‘s Church in his native city, and chaplain to Bishop Sixtus. He is counted among the fathers of Bavarian history, and is praised by Aventin as one of his most important predecessors. He wrote a “Chronicon Austriacum”, down to 1488 (Pez, Script. rer. Austr., I, 1165); “Liber de gestis episcoporum Frisingensium” (Deutinger, Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Erzbisth. Miinch.—Freis., III); and the “Chronicon Baioariorum” (Pez, Thesaurus, III, ii, 19 sq.). This is far superior to his former writings, but is itself equally surpassed by the unpretentious narrative of the German version, which the compiler himself undertook, and carried ten years further.

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