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Valentin Grone

A Catholic theologian, b. December 7, 1817; d. March 18, 1882

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Grone, VALENTIN, a Catholic theologian, b. at Paderborn, December 7, 1817; d. at Irmgarteichen, in the district Siegen, Westphalia, March 18, 1882. On the completion of his studies he was ordained priest at Paderborn (July 4, 1844), after which he took an advanced course in Church history at the University of Munich, where he obtained the degree of Doctor in Theology (1848). He was then sent as chaplain to Bielefeld, Warstein (November 10, 1848), Brilon, Scherfede (December 10, 1853), and on October 14, 1857, was appointed rector of the city high-school at Fredeburg, going later (December 17, 1860) to Schmallenberg in a similar capacity. On September 24, 1868, he was made pastor at Irmgarteichen, and later dean. Grone’s best-known works are: “Tetzel and Luther oder Lebensgeschichte and Rechtfertigung des Ablasspredigers and Inquisitors Dr. Johann Tetzel aus dem Predigerorden (Soest and Olpe, 1853, 2nd ed., 1860; abridged popular ed., “Tetzel and Luther”, Soest, 1862); “Die Papst-Geschichte” (2 vols., Ratisbon, 1864-66, 2nd ed., 1875). Other important works are: “Sacramentum oder Begriff and Bedeutung von Sacrament in der alten Kirche bis zur Scholastik” [Brilon (Soest), 1853]; “Glaube and Wissenschaft” (Schaffhausen, 1860); “Der Ablass, seine Geschichte and Bedeutung in der Heilsokonomie” (Ratisbon, 1863); “Compendium der Kirchengeschichte” (Ratisbon, 1870). Among his minor writings are: “Zustand der Kirche Deutschlands vor der Reformation” in the “Theologische Quartalsebrift” (Tubingen, 1862), 84-138; “Papst and Kirchenstaat” (Arnsberg, 1862). His translations for the Kempten “Bibliothek der Kirchenvater” are entitled “Tatians, des Kirchenschriftstellers, Rede an die Griechen” (1872); “Melitos des Bischofs von Sardes, Rede an den Kaiser Antoninus” (1873); “Hippolytus, des Presbyters and Martyrers, Buch fiber Christus and den Antichrist” (1873); “Hippolytus Canones” (1874); “Ausgewahlte Schriften des hl. Basilius des Grossen, Bischofs von Caesarea and Kirchenlehrers” (3 vols., 1875-81).



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