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Ubaldo Giraldi

Italian canonist; b. 1692; d.1775

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Giraldi, UBALDO (UBALDUS A SANCTO CAJETANO), an Italian canonist; b. in 1692; d. in 1775. He was a member of the Piarists (Clerici regulares Scholarum piarum), was twice assistant general-councilor of his congregation, was provincial of the Roman province, rector of the Piarist college at Rome, and Apostolic examiner for the Roman clergy. He published an edition, with additions (Rome, 1757), of the “Institutiones Canonicie” of Remy Maschat, also a Piarist. The “Expositio juris pontificii” of Giraldi (Rome, 1769; reedited, 1829-1830) is not a treatise on canon law. The author merely reproduces the principal texts of the Decretals and of the Council of Trent, adding thereto such papal documents as interpret or modify their meaning, with a brief commentary of his own. His last work, on which his reputation is chiefly based, was a new edition with notes and additions of Barbosa’s great work on parish priests, “Animadversiones et additamenta ex posterioribus summorum pontificum constitutionibus et sacrarum congregationum decretis desumpta, ad August Barbosa, de Officio et Potestate parochi” (Rome, 1773, new ed., 1831).



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