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Stephen Rowsham

Native of Oxfordshire, entered Oriel College, Oxford, in 1572

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Rowsham, STEPHEN, a native of Oxfordshire, entered Oriel College, Oxford, in 1572. He took orders in the English Church and was minister at the University Church about 1578, but becoming convinced of the truth of the Catholic religion he went to Reims (April 23, 1581), where he was ordained priest, and sent on the English mission (April 30, 1582). Being recognized almost immediately on his landing, he was apprehended and sent to the Tower, May 19, 1582, and remained a prisoner for more than three years, during half of which time (August 14, 1582, until February 12, 1584) he was confined to the dungeon known as the “Little Ease”. On the latter date he was transferred to the Marshalsea, from which prison he was carried into exile in the autumn of 1585. He arrived at Reims, October 8, but set out for England again, February 7, 1586. The field of his labors, which were continued for about a year, was in the west of England. He was taken at the house of the Widow Strange in Gloucestershire. His trial and martyrdom were at Gloucester in March, 1586-87.


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