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Society of Divine Charity

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Divine Charity, SOCIETY OF (SOCIETAS DIVINE CHARITATIS), founded at Maria-Martental near Kaisersesch, in 1903, by Joseph Tillmanns for the solution of the social question through the pursuit of agriculture and trades (printing, etc.) as well as by means of intellectual pursuits. The society consists of both priests and laymen.

SISTERS OF DIVINE CHARITY, founded at Besancon, in 1799, by a Vincentian Sister, and modeled on the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul. The mother-house, originally at Naples, is now in Rome, and there are many filial establishments in Italy, in Malta and Gozzo. The sisters have charge of educational institutions, orphanages, hospitals, and insane asylums.

DAUGHTERS OF DIVINE CHARITY, founded at Vienna, November 21, 1868, by Franziska Lechner (d. 1894) on the Rule of St. Augustine, and approved by the Holy See in 1884 and definitively confirmed July 22, 1891. The purpose of the congregation is to furnish girls without positions, shelter, care and the means of obtaining a position, without compensation, likewise to care for servants no longer able to work. The sisters are also engaged in schools, orphan asylums, and kindergartens. The mother-house and novitiate are at Vienna; the congregation has 36 filial houses, 766 sisters, and 59 postulants.



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