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Sir Thomas Dingley, Venerable

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Dingley, SIR THOMAS, VENERABLE, Martyr, prior of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, found guilty of high treason April 28, 1539, and beheaded on Tower Hill, July 9, together with the Blessed Sir Adrian Fortescue. He was accused, together with Robert Granceter, merchant, of “going to several foreign princes and persuading them to make war with the King”. He had no trial, and no proof of treasonable practices was ever brought against him. In the same bill of attainder were included many other innocent victims of Henry’s tyranny, including the Blessed Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury. There is a discrepancy among the chroniclers as to the date of the martyrdom. Stow gives July 10, the Gray Friars’ “Chronicle” and Wriothesley, July 9. For the story of the suppression of the Knights of St. John in England. see Stow, “Chronicle”, pp. 579, 580. The gate-way tower and the crypt of the church of their great priory at Clerkenwell are still standing.



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