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Robert Ciboule

Theologian and moralist (d. 1458)

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Ciboule, ROBERT, theologian and moralist, b. in the Department of Eure, France, at the close of the fourteenth century; d. in 1458. He was chancellor of the church of Notre-Dame, Paris, and later dean of Evreux and chamberlain to Pope Nicholas V. In 1437 he was one of the theologians consulted by Charles VII concerning the rehabilitation of Joan of Arc, on which his decision was favorable. The same monarch sent him to the Council of Basle, and in 1439 made him ambassador to the Court of Pope Eugene IV at Florence. He wrote many devotional works, all of which he left in manuscript form. His “Sainte meditation de l’homme sur soi-meme” was printed in Paris in 1510 and several times reprinted. Several of his sermons are preserved in the National Library of France (Department of Manuscripts), while his opinion regarding Joan of Arc has been partially published in the Proces which tells of her rehabilitation [Proces de condemnation et de rehabilitation de Jeanne d’Arc (Paris, 1841-49), III, 326-328]; and complete in Lanery d’Arc, “Memoires et consultations en faveur de Jeanne d’Arc”, etc. (Paris, 1889), 351.


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