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Pope Deusdedit, Saint

Reigned 615-618

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Deusdedit (ADEODATUS I), Saint, POPE, date of birth unknown; consecrated pope, October 19 (November 13), 615; d. November 8 (December 3), 618; distinguished for his charity and zeal. He encouraged and supported the clergy, who were impoverished in consequence of the political troubles of the time; and when his diocese was visited by a violent earthquake and the terrible scourge of leprosy he set an heroic example by his efforts to relieve the suffering. The few decretals ascribed to him are unauthenticated. He is said to have been the first pope to use leaden seals (bulks) for pontifical documents. One dating from his reign is still preserved, the obverse of which represents the Good Shepherd in the midst of His sheep, with the letters A and C underneath, while the reverse bears the inscription: DEUSDEDIT PAPAE. His feast occurs November 8.



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