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Pietro Alagona

Theologian, b. at Syracuse, 1549; d. in Rome, 19 October, 1624

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Alagona, PIETRO, theologian, b. at Syracuse, 1549; d. in Rome, October 19, 1624. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1564, taught philosophy and theology, and was Rector of Trapani. His first works were published under the family name of his mother, Givarra. Later on he used his own name, Alagona, and is best known for his Compendium of the works of Martin Aspilcueta, who was a doctor of theology in Navarre. This Martin Aspilcueta was the uncle of St. Francis Xavier. The “Enchiridion, seu Manuale Confessariorum,” which was compiled by Alagona, went through at least twenty-three editions. A translation of it into French, by Legard, was condemned by the Parliament of Rouen, February 12, 1762. He also published a compendium of the “Summa,” which ran through twenty-five editions, and a compendium of the whole of Canon Law in two volumes, quarto. In the Jesuit College of Palermo there is also found a treatise by Alagona on Logic and Physics.


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