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Pierre Busee

Jesuit theologian, b. at Nimwegen in 1540; d. at Vienna in 1587

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Busee (BUSAEUS or BUYS), PIERRE, a Jesuit theologian, b. at Nimwegen in 1540; d. at Vienna in 1587. When twenty-one years old he entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus at Cologne where, six years later (1567), he became master of novices. In addition to this office he was appointed to give religious instruction to the higher classes in the Jesuit college at Cologne. He then undertook to complete the large catechism of Canisius by adding to it the full text of the Scriptural and patristic references cited by the author. St. Peter Canisius himself encouraged this undertaking. The first volume appeared at Cologne in 1569, under the title: “Authoritates sacrae Scripture et sanctorum Patrum, quae in summa doctrine christianae doctoris Petri Canisii citantur” The following year, 1570, the work was completed, and was received at once with much favor. It consists of four volumes; for some unknown reason the last volume is lacking in the fine edition of the catechism, with notes by Busee, which was issued in 1571 by the celebrated house of Manutius, of Venice, the descendants of Aldus Manutius. In 1577 a new edition, revised and augmented by another Jesuit, Jean Hase, was published at Cologne in one folio volume, under another title: “Opus catechisticum…D. Petri Canisii theologi S. J. preclaris divine Scripturae testimoniis, sanctorumque Patrum sententiis sedulo illustratum opera D. Petri Busaei Noviomagi, ejusd. Soc. theologi, nuns vero primum accessione nova locupletatum atque restitutum”. Six years before this Father Busee had left Cologne and gone to Vienna, where he lectured on the Holy Scriptures in the university and taught Hebrew at the college of the Jesuits. In 1584 Busee went to Rome at the command of the General of the Society, Father Acquaviva, who had appointed him a member of a commission to draw up a system or plan of studies (Ratio Studiorum) for the entire Society. On his return to Vienna Busee was made Rector of the College of Nobles and died while holding this position.


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