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Peter van der Bosch

Bollandist (1686-1736)

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Bosch, PETER VAN DER, Bollandist, b. at Brussels, October 19, 1686; d. November 14, 1736. After studying the humanities at the College of Brussels, 1698-1705, he entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus at Mechlin, September 25, 1705. At the close of his novitiate he studied philosophy at Antwerp, 1707-09, and then spent a year in Italy to complete his literary training. Recalled to Antwerp in 1710, he spent six years in teaching and then went to Louvain, where he took a theological course, 1716-20. He was ordained priest at Louvain in 1719 and distinguished himself by the public defense of theses in March and September, 1719, and by his defense “De Universes Theologies” in 1720. In 1721, at the end of his third year of probation, he was made an assistant to the Bollandists and remained a member of this body during the rest of his life. His hagiographical writings are found in .July, IV—VI, and August, I—III.


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