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Peter Gallwey

One of the best-known London priests in his time; b. at Killarney, Nov. 13, 1820; d. in London, Sept. 23, 1906

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Gallwey, PETER; b. at Killarney, November 13, 1820; d. in London, September 23, 1906; one of the best-known London priests in his time. He was educated at Stonyhurst, joined the Society of Jesus at Hodder, September 7, 1836, was ordained priest in 1852, and professed of four vows in 1854. As prefect of studies at Stonyhurst, 1855-57, he made important improvements in the methods of study. In 1857 he was sent to the Jesuit church in London, where—except for an interval of eight years during which he held the provincialate and other offices—he spent the remainder of his life. He was a man of deep spirituality, much venerated as a preacher, spiritual director, and giver of retreats; he was also noted for his love of the poor and his earnest advocacy of almsdeeds. So great were his energy and enterprise that he set his stamp on all he undertook. Several London convents and Catholic institutions owe largely to his zeal and encouragement both their first foundation and their successful subsequent development. His writings comprise among others: “Salvage from the Wreck”, sermons preached at the funerals of some notable Catholics (1890); “Watches of the Passion” (3 vols., 1894), a series of meditations on the Passion, embodying the substance of his retreats; a number of sermons, tracts, and other small publications, mostly of a topical kind.



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