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Patritius Sporer

Moral theologian, b. at Passau, Bavaria; d. there, May 29, 1683

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Sporer, PATRITIUS, moral theologian, b. at Passau, Bavaria; d. there, May 29, 1683. In 1637 he entered the Order of Friars Minor in the convent of his native town, which then belonged to the religious Province of Strasburg. He taught theology for many years, obtained the title of Lector jubilatus, and was also the theologian of the Bishop of Passau. Sporer is the author of several works: (I) “Amor Dei super omnia” (Wurzburg, 1662); (2) “Actionum humanarum immediata regula Conscientia moraliter explicata atque ad disputationem publicam exposita” (Wurzburg, 1660); (3) “Theologia moralis, decalogalis et sacramentalis” (3 folio vols., 1681; reedited, Salzburg, 1692; Venice, 1724, 1726, 1755, 1756). Some editions have additional notes by K. Kazenberger and Ch. Mayr, two well-known Francis-can moralists. The latest edition with up-to-date supplements is by Irenaeus Bierbaum, O. F. M. (3 vols. 8vo, Paderborn, 1897-1901; 2nd ed., 1901-5).

Sporer was one of the best moralists of his time and is much appreciated even today. St. Alphonsus Liguori often quotes him and Lehmkul numbers him amongst the classical authors of moral theology. For other testimonies see Preface of Bierbaum’s edition. As to his moral system he follows Probabilism. In questions at issue between St. Thomas Aquinas and Duns Scotus he defends and follows the latter, as for instance in the question of indifferent human actions. Very often also Sporer lays under contribution his own large experience as director of souls, thus rendering his work all the more useful.



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