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Nicola Arrighetti

Mathematician, philosopher (d. 1639)

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Arrighetti, NICOLA, mathematician, b. at Florence and died there in 1639. He was distinguished as a litterateur, but chiefly as a mathematician and a philosopher. He was one of the most prominent disciples of Galileo, and occupied an illustrious place in the Florentine Academy and in that of Della Crusca. He was one of those who formed the Platonic Academy which was reestablished by the Grand Duke Ferdinand and the Prince, afterwards Cardinal, of Tuscany. Arrighetti pronounced the opening discourse. He undertook to translate the Dialogues of Plato into Tuscan and was so engaged when he died. He left a great number of MSS. in prose and verse, among which are some Cicalate, or serio-comic compositions in vogue at the time. on such subjects as the tortoise, the cucumber, pickles, etc.


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