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Niccolo Alunno

Notable Umbrian painter in distemper (1430-1502)

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Alunno, Niccol (real name Niccolo di Liberatore), a notable Umbrian painter in distemper, B. C. 1430, at Foligno; d. 1502. He was the son of a painter, and a pupil of Bartolommeo di Tommaso. His master’s assistant was Bennozo Gozzoli, the pupil of 1 ra Angelico. The simple Umbrian feeling in his work was somewhat modified by this Florentine influence. His earliest known example (dated 1458) is in the Franciscan Church of La Diruta, near Perugia. He painted banners for religious processions, as well as altarpieces and other pictures, died a rich man, and is supposed by Mariotti to have been the master of Perugino, Pinturicchio, and Andrea di Luigi, Some works ascribed to him are thought to be by another, and contemporary, Alunno, called Desiderato. A “Madonna Enthroned” is in the Brera Gallery in Milan, and there are altarpieces at Perugia, in the Castle at San Severino, at Gualdo La Bastia, and Foligno. The predella of the last, which was taken to France by Napoleon, still remains in the Louvre. One of his banners is in a church at Perugia.


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