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Matthias Faber

Writer and preacher, b. at Altomunster, Germany, Feb. 24, 1586; d. at Tyrnau, April 26, 1653

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Faber, MATTHIAS, writer and preacher, b. at Altomünster, Germany, February 24, 1586; d. at Tyrnau, April 26, 1653. He embraced the ecclesiastical state, became cure of the parish of St. Maurice at Ingoldstadt, and was a professor at the University of that city. His sermons had already won for him a reputation as a sacred orator when he entered the Society of Jesus at Vienna. He was then fifty years old. The sermons which he has left are remarkable for soundness of doctrine, and learning. He is even more a controversialist than an orator in the ordinary sense of the word. His object in preaching was, before everything, either to convert heretics, or to safeguard Catholics from the false doctrines of the Reformation. According to the Custom of the times he made excessive use of Scriptural texts, which crowd his instructive sermons and render the reading of them difficult. They are all written in Latin, and have been published in many editions.


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