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Mariano Armellino

Benedictine historian (1657-1737)

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Armellino, MARIANO, a Benedictine historian, b. in Rome (according to others, at Ancona) in 1657; d. at Foligno in 1737. At the age of twenty he entered the monastery of St. Paul in Rome, whence he was sent to Monte Cassino to complete his studies. From 1687 to 1695 he taught philosophy at various monasteries of the Cassinese Congregation. From 1697 to 1722 he devoted himself to preaching and became famous throughout Italy for his Lenten sermons. In 1722 Pope Innocent XIII appointed him abbot of the monastery at Sienna; in 1729 he was transferred as abbot to the Monastery of St. Peter at Assisi, and, in 1734, to the Monastery of St. Felician, near Foligno. He wrote the “Bibliotheca Benedictino-Cassinensis”, a carefully compiled list and sketch of all the authors of the Cassinese Congregation, and a few other historical and hagiographical works concerning the Cassinese Congregation of Benedictines.


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