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Marian Dobmayer

A distinguished Benedictine theologian, b. 24 Oct., 1753, at Schwandorf, Bavaria; d. 21 Dec., 1805, at Amberg, Bavaria

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Dobmayer, MARIAN, a distinguished Benedictine theologian, b. October 24, 1753, at Schwandorf, Bavaria; d. December 21, 1805, at Amberg, Bavaria. He first entered the Society of Jesus, and after its suppression in 1773 joined the Benedictines in the monastery of Weissenohe, Diocese of Bamberg, where he was professed in 1775, and in 1778 ordained priest. He was successively professor of philosophy at Neuburg, Bavaria (1781-87), of dogmatic theology and ecclesiastical history at Amberg (1787-94), and of dogmatic theology and patrology at the University of Ingolstadt (1794-99). On the reorganization of the latter school in 1799 he returned to his monastery of Weissenohe, where he remained until its secularization. He then retired to Amberg, where he taught theology until his death. In 1789 he published at Amberg a “Conspectus Theologiae Dogmaticae”. His chief work is the “Systema Theologiae Catholicae”, edited after his death by Th. P. Senestrey in eight volumes (Sulzbach, 1807-19). The work is very learned and devoid of all harshness in its controversial parts.



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