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Marco Battaglini

Historian of the councils (1645-1717)

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Battaglini, MARCO, a historian of the councils, b. at Rimini, Italy, March 25, 1645; d. at Cesena, September 19, 1717. He studied law at Cesena, both civil and ecclesiastical, and at the age of sixteen he obtained the degree of doctor in both branches. After some years of service in the civil administration of the Papal States, he entered the priesthood, was appointed Bishop of Nocera in Umbria, 1690, and in 1716 was transferred to Cesena. He was greatly esteemed for his learning, and for his generous and frank character. His principal works are: (I) “Il legista filosofo” (Rome, 1680), or the man of law as a philosopher; (2) “Istoria universals di tutti i concilii” (Venice, 1686, 1689, 1696, 1714). The first edition contained the history of only 475 councils; in subsequent editions that of 403 more was added. A Valuable supplement was the catalogue of all the ancient and contemporary episcopal sees; (3) “Annalli del sacerdozio e dell’ imperio in torno all’ intero secolo decimo settimo” (Venice, 1701-11; Ancona, 1742), or a history of the world during the seventeenth century in the form of annals.


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