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Luis Antonio Arguello

Governor of California 1822-1825 (1784-1830)

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Arguello, Luis ANTONIO, Governor of California, b. at San Francisco, 1784; d. there in 1830. His family was one of the most influential and distinguished in the early history of California. His father, Don Jose Dario Arguello, was acting Governor of California in 1814-15, and Governor of Lower California from 1815 to 1822. In August, 1806, Don Luis succeeded his father as Comandante of California with the rank of lieutenant. He was captain from 1818, and Governor from November, 1822, to 1825. Don Luis was the only Governor during the Mexican Empire, and the first native of California to hold that office. He was also acting governor under the provisional government which preceded the Mexican Republic. In 1821 he conducted what is popularly known as “Arguello’s expedition to the Columbia,” the most extensive exploration of the North Country ever made by the Spaniards in California. He was hardly less popular than his illustrious father, and, though involved at times in controversies, he has left a reputation for honesty, ability, and kindness of heart.


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