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Joseph Franz Allioli

B. at Sulzbach, 10 August, 1793; d. at Augsburg, 22 May, 1873

Allioli, JOSEPH FRANZ, b. at Sulzbach, August 10, 1793; d. at Augsburg, May 22, 1873. He studied theology at Landshut, was ordained at Ratisbon, 1816, studied Oriental languages at Vienna, Rome, and Paris (1818-20), became professor in the University at Landshut in 1824, and was transferred with the university to Munich in 1826, but owing to a weak throat he had to accept a canonry at Ratisbon, in 1835, and became Dean of the chapter at Augsburg, in 1838—His works are: “Aphorismen caber den Zusammenhang der heiligen Schrift Alten and Neuen Testaments, aus der Idee des Reichs Gottes” (Ratisbon. 1919); “Hausliche Alterthumer der Hebraer nebst biblischer Geographie” (1821); “Biblische Alterthumer” (Landshut, 1825); “Handbuch der biblischen Alterthumskunde” (in cooperation with Gratz and Haneberg, Landshut, 1843-44); “Uebersetzung der heiligen Schrif ten Alten and Neuen Testaments, aus der Vulgata, mit Bezug auf den Grundtext, neu tibersetzt and mit kurzen Anmerkungen erlautert, dritte Auflage von Allioli umgearbeitet” (6 vols., Nurnberg, 1830-35). This work received a papal approbation, May 11, 1830.


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