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John Pitts

B. at Alton, Hampshire, 1560; d. at Liverdun, Lorraine, Oct. 17, 1616

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Pitts, JOHN, b. at Alton, Hampshire, 1560; d. at Liverdun, Lorraine, October 17, 1616. He was educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford, where he remained, March 20, 1578-1580. He was admitted to the English College, Rome, October 18, 1581, ordained priest March 2, 1588, became professor of rhetoric and Greek at the English College, Reims, proceeded M.A. and B.D. at Pont-a-Musson, Lic.D. at Treves (1592), and D.D. at Ingolstadt (1595). After holding a canonry at Verdun for two years he was appointed confessor and almoner to the Duchess of Cleves, and held this position for twelve years. After her death his former pupil, the Bishop of Toul, appointed him dean of Liverdun. His chief work is the “Relationum Historicarum de rebus Angliae”, of which only one part, “De Illustribus Anglial Scriptoribus”, was published (Paris, 1619). The other sections, “De Regibus Angliae”, “De Episcopis Angliae”, and “De Viris Apostolicis Anglian”, remained in MS. at Liver-dun. The “De Scriptoribus” is chiefly valuable for the notices of contemporary writers. On other points it must be used with caution, being largely compiled from the uncritical work of Bale. Pitts also published “Tractatus de legibus” (Trier, 1592); “Tractatus de beatitudine” (Ingolstadt, 1595); and “Libri septem de peregrinatione” (Dusseldorf, 1604).


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