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John Baptist Brondel

First Bishop of Helena, Montana, U.S.A. (1842-1903)

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Brondel, JOHN BAPTIST, first Bishop of Helena, Montana, U.S.A., b. at Bruges, Belgium, February 23, 1842; d. at Helena, November 3, 1903. He was educated at the American College of the University of Louvain and ordained priest at Mechlin, Belgium, by Cardinal Engelbert Stercks (December 17, 1864). Two years later he volunteered for the missions in the United States and was made rector of the church at Heilacoon, Washington Territory, early in 1867. Here he remained for nearly ten years and was then transferred to Walla Walla, but returned to his old charge the following year.

On December 14, 1879, he was consecrated at Victoria, as third Bishop of Vancouver, British Columbia, in succession to Bishop Se hers, who had been made coadjutor to the Archbishop of Oregon City. Bishop Brondel retained this charge until by a Bull of April 7, 1883, he was appointed Administrator of the Vicariate of Montana. When the Diocese of Helena was formed he was transferred to that see, March 7, 1884, as its first bishop. During all his long and active career in this northwest section, he was particularly successful in his dealings with the many Indians under his charge. They looked up to him as a father and protector, and his great popularity among the various tribes was not only of benefit to the Church, but was utilized on numerous occasions by the United States Government to further the political, material, and moral welfare of the Indians. His death was regarded as a great loss to the work of the evangelization and civilization of the Indians. He was’ buried November 7, 1903, in a vault under the cathedral in Helena.


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