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Johann Michael Feder

German theologian, b. May 25, 1753, at Oellingen in Bavaria; d. July 26, 1824

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Feder, JOHANN MICHAEL, German theologian, b. May 25, 1753, at Oellingen in Bavaria; d. July 26, 1824, at Wurzburg. He studied in the episcopal seminary of Wurzburg from 1772-1777; in the latter year he was ordained priest and promoted to the licentiate in theology. For several years Feder was chaplain of the Julius hospital; in 1785 he was appointed extraordinary professor of theology and Oriental languages at the University of Wurzburg; was created a Doctor of Divinity in 1786; director of the university library, 1791; ordinary professor of theology and censor of theological publications, 1795. After the reorganization of the University of Wurzburg, 1803-4, he was appointed chief librarian, resigning the professorship of theology in 1805. Shortly after his removal from office as librarian, November, 1811, he suffered a stroke of apoplexy, from which he never fully recovered. Feder was a prolific writer, editor, and translator, but was imbued with the liberal views of his time. His most meritorious work is a revision of Dr. Heinrich Braun’s German translation of the Bible (1803), 2 vols. This revision served as the basis for Dr. Allioli’s well-known translation. He also translated the writings of St. Cyril of Jerusalem (1786); the sermons of St. Chrysostom on Matthew and John, in conjunction with the unfortunate Eulogius Schneider (1786-88); Theodoret‘s ten discourses on Divine Providence (1788); Gerard’s lectures on pastoral duties (1803); de Bausset’s life of Fenelon (1809-12), 3 vols., and the same author’s life of Bossuet (1820); Fabert’s “Meditations” (1786). He was editor of the “Magazin zur Beforderung des Schulwesens” (1791-97), 3 vols., of the “Prakt.—theol. Magazin fur katholische Geistliche” (1798-1800), and of the “Wurzburger Gelehrten Anzeigen” (1788-92)..,:x’ also. wrote several volumes of sermons.



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