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Horacio Carochi

B. in Florence, c. 1586; d. in Mexico in 1666

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Carochi, HORACIO, b. in Florence, c. 1586; d. in Mexico in 1666. He entered the Society of Jesus and before he had concluded his philosophical studies went to Mexico, where he studied the Indian languages, especially the Nahuatl and the Othomi, which he mastered fully. He was made Secretary of the Province and wrote “Arte de la Lengua mexicana con la declaration de todos sus adverbios”, printed at Mexico in 1645; Vocabulario copioso de la Lengua mexicana”; “Gramatica de la Lengua Otomi”; “Vocabulario Otomi”; “Sermons en Lengua mexicana”. His letters to the Bishop of Puebla, Juan de Palafox, also deserve mention. Only the first named work has been printed. It is a much esteemed contribution to Mexican linguistics and a rare book.


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