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Giuseppe D’Annibale

Cardinal, theologian (1815-1892)

Annibale, GIUSEPPE D’, Cardinal, a theologian, b. at Borbona in the Diocese of Rieti, September 22, 1815; d. at the same place, July 18, 1892. He was, appointed professor in the Seminary of Rieti and later vicar-general of the diocese. He was preconized Titular Bishop of Caryste by Leo XIII, August 12, 1881, was created Cardinal-Priest of Sts. Doniface and Alexis, February 11, 1889, and became Prefect of the Congregation of Indulgences. His treatise on moral theology is entitled “Summula theologi’ months”, (Milan, 1881-83). Another work, a commentary on the Constitution, “Apostolicae Sedis” (Rieti, 1880), is also valuable to theologians and canonists.


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