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Filippo Anfossi

Italian Dominican (d. 1825)

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Anfossi, FILIPPO, an Italian Dominican, b. at Taggia, in the province of Genoa; d. in Rome, May 14, 1825. Pius VII on his return to the States of the Church appointed him Vicar-General of the Order of Preachers and later Master of the Sacred Palace, 1815-25. In this quality he carried on the negotiations with Lamennais regarding the corrections to be made in his “Essai sur l’indifference” (Paris, 1821-23). He was among the most ardent defenders of the Roman Church against the various forms of Gallicanism represented by Scipione de Ricci, Vincento Palmieri, and Guillaume de la Luzerne. Among his published works are: “Difesa della bolla `Auctorem fidei’ in cui si trattano le maggiori questioni the hanno agitate in questi tempi la chiesa” (Rome, 1810 and 1816); “Motivi per cui it Padre Filippo Anfossi Domenicano ha creduto di non potere adorare alle quattro proposizioni gallicane” (Rome, 1813); “L’unione politico-religiosa considerata nei suoi rapporti colla civile society” (Rome, 1822).


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