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Titular see of Galatia Secunda in Asia Minor

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Eudoxias, a titular see of Galatia Secunda in Asia Minor, suffragan of Pessinus. Eudoxias is mentioned only by Hierocles (Synecdemus, 698, 2) and Parthey (Notit. episc., I, VIII, IX). Two bishops are known, Aquilas in 451 and Menas in 536 (Lequien, Or. christ., I, 495). Another is spoken of in the life of St. Theodore of Sycae, about the end of the sixth century. The original name of the town is unknown, Eudoxias being the name given to it in honor either of the mother or of the daughter of Theodosius II. It was perhaps Gordion, where Alexander the Great cut the famous knot, and stood perhaps at the modern Yürme, in the vilayet of Angora. Others, however, identify Eudoxias with Akkilaion, whose site is unknown, and place Germe at Yürme.



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