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Edward Patrick Allen

Fifth Bishop of Mobile, Alabama, U.S., b. at Lowell, Mass., 17 March, 1853

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Allen, EDWARD PATRICK, fifth Bishop of Mobile, Alabama, U.S., b. at Lowell, Mass., March 17, 1853. He made his college course at Mount St. Mary’s, Emmittsburg, Md., graduating June 26, 1878, and then entered the seminary there for his theological studies. He was ordained priest December 17, 1881, and remained at Mount St. Mary’s, as a member of the faculty, until early in 1882, when he was made an assistant at the cathedral in Boston, and later at Framingham, Mass. In 1884 he returned to Mount St. Mary’s to assume the presidency of the college, which office he held until he was appointed Bishop of Mobile. He was consecrated at Baltimore, Md., May 16, 1897. In 1889 Georgetown University conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Divinity.


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