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Diocese of Ibague

Diocese in Colombia

Ibague, Diocese of (IBAGUENSIS), suffragan of Bogota, in the Republic of Colombia, South America. Owing to the difficulties of providing adequately for the spiritual needs of the people over the wide area of the Diocese of Tolima, that see was suppressed by decree of June 20, 1900, and two new bishoprics were formed in its stead: Ibague and Garzon. Ibague has jurisdiction over the two provinces that constitute the northern and central portions of the republic. The town of Ibague (San Bonifacio de Ibague) is the capital of the Department of Tolima, and is picturesquely situated on a fertile plain, about sixty miles west of Bogota, at an altitude of more than 4000 feet above sea-level. This city, the seat of the bishopric, is located in the center of a prosperous district, and dates from 1550. It was for a short time (1854) the capital of the republic. The first and actual bishop of the diocese, Msgr. Ismael Perdomo, was born at El Gigante, now in the Diocese of Garzon, February 22, 1872. On April 29, 1903, he was elected to govern the Diocese of Ibague; he received episcopal consecration at Rome on June 19, and on June 25 was preconized. The number of Catholics in the diocese is computed, approximately, at 250,000. The cathedral, which is in process of construction, will be dedicated to the Immaculate Conception (see Archdiocese of Santa Fe de Bogota; Diocese of Garzon)


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