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Diocese of Cuyaba

Suffragan of Sao Sebastiao (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil

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Cuyaba, Diocese of (CUYABENSIS), suffragan of Sao Sebastiao (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil. The city, founded by miners about 1720, became the capital of the province of Matto Grosso in 1840. The present population is somewhat over 18,000. The prelature of Cuyaba, erected by Bull of Benedict XIV, “Candor lucis aeternae” (December 6, 1745), was raised to the rank of a bishopric (Senhor Born Jesus de Cuyaba) by Bull of Leo XII, “Sollicita catholici gregis” (July 15, 1826). The diocese embraces the province of Matto Grosso, an area of 532,705 sq. miles, and has a Catholic population of 100,700, with 17 parishes, 20 churches, 12 secular priests and 10 regular.



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