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Diocese of Concepcion

In the Republic of Chile, suffragan to Santiago de Chile

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Concepcion, Diocese of (SANCTISSIMIE CONCEPTIONIS DE CHILE), in the Republic of Chile, suffragan to Santiago de Chile. The diocese embraces the provinces of Aranco, Bio-Bio, Concepcion, Nuble, Maule, Linares, and Malleco, comprising an area of 27,901 square miles. The Bull of erection was issued by Pius IV, May 22, 1563, since which time, with the exception of the period between 1818-32 when the see was vacant, a bishop has always had his seat at Concepcion. Among the institutions of the diocese may be mentioned an orphan asylum and a missionary college under the Capuchins.

In the diocese there are represented ten religious congregations of men and seven of women, among the latter the Sisters of Providence, Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Christian Charity, Who have a novitiate and college, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, and Sisters of the Sacred Heart; they number in all 393. The diocese has a Catholic population of 835,790, with 52parishes, 190 priests, 91 secular and 99 regular, 135 churches and chapels. In addition to the college and seminary there are nine Catholic schools with an attendance of 2550 pupils. (See Chile.)


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