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Diocese of Calabozo

Diocese in Venezuela

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Calabozo (CALABOSO), Diocese of.—Calabozo is a town in the State of Miranda, Venezuela, on the River Guarico, 120 miles south-southwest of Caracas. Originally an Indian village, it was founded as a town in 1730 by the Compania Guipuzcoana. The city is situated on low ground, and in the rainy season the surrounding lands are inundated. In its vicinity are thermal springs. It is well built, has a college and public schools, and enjoys a considerable trade. The principal occupation of its inhabitants is cattle-raising. The Diocese of Calabozo was created March 7, 1863, by Pius IX, and its first bishop was consecrated October 30, 1881. It embraces the section of Guarico and portions of the sections of Apure, Zamora, Portuguesa, Cojedes, and Guzman Blanco. It has 310,000 Catholics, 38 priests, and 70 churches and chapels. Calabozo is a suffragan of Caracas (Santiago de Venezuela).


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