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A metropolitan titular see of Libya, in Egypt

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Darnis, a metropolitan titular see of Libya, in Egypt. Ptolemy (IV, 4, 2; 5; 6) and Ammian. Marcell., (XXII, 16, 4) locate it in Pentapolis. It became the civil and later the religious metropolis of Libya Secunda, or Inferior, i.e. Marmarica (Hierocles, “Synecdemus”, 734, 3; Lequien, “Oriens. christ.”, II, 631; Gelzer, “Georgii Cyprii descriptio orbis Romani”, 142). Darne is another form of the name; Dardanis is due to an error. Only three, perhaps four, bishops are known, from the fourth or sixth century to about 600. The city is now known as Derneh or Dernah, Terneh or Ternah, and is a little port at the end of a bay formed by the Mediterranean, where the French admiral Gantheaume landed in 1799. It is situated east of Benghasi in the vilayet of that name (Tripolitana), and has 2000 inhabitants, who live by fishing and the coasting trade.



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