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Titular see of Asia Minor

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Cinna, a titular see of Asia Minor. According to the order of the “Synecdemus” of Hierocles (p. 696) Kinna was probably in the northwestern part of the rich corn-growing district now called Haimane, west of Angora, though its exact position cannot be determin. It must have been close to Balyk Koyounji (vilayet of Angora) or even nearer the River Sangarius. Kinna was a suffragan of Ancyra, in Galatia Prima. Lequien (I, 483) mentions ten bishops: the first, Gorgonius, was present at Nicma in 325; the tenth, Antonius, was a partisan of Photius in 879, and another, Sabas, was probably an adherent of St. Ignatius. The see figures in later “Notitiae episcopatuum”.



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