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Titular see of Roman Arabia

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Chrysopolis, a titular see of Roman Arabia, not to be confounded with Chrysopolis (today Scutari), opposite Constantinople, which latter place was never a see. Our Chrysopolis was suffragan to Bostra in Arabia. It does not figure in Hierocles nor in Georgius Cyprius; perhaps it had a native name which has not been identified. Its name is, however, found in the “Notitiae episcopatuum” of Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch in the sixth century. (See Echos d’Orient, X, May, 1907.) One Greek bishop is known, John, present at Chalcedon in 451 (Lequien, II, 867).Seven Latin titulars are known from 1297 to 1648 (Lequien, III, 1307; Eubel, I, 193 and 194, note 1; II, 143).


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