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Christian Kruik Van Adrichem

Catholic priest and theological writer, b. at Delft, 13 February, 1533; d. at Cologne, 20 June, 1585

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Adrichem, CHRISTIAN KRUIK VAN (Christianus Crucius Adrichomius), Catholic priest and theological writer, b. at Delft, February 13, 1533; d. at Cologne, June 20, 1585. He was ordained in 1566, and was Director of the Convent of St. Barbara in Delft till expelled by the storm of the Reformation. His works are: “Vita Jesu Christi” (Antwerp, 1578); “Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum” (Cologne, 1590). This last work gives a description of Palestine, of the antiquities of Jerusalem, and a chronology from Adam till the death of John the Apostle, A.D. 109.



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